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Like you, we believe in a sustainable future. Modern Earth Homes deliver sustainability through eco-friendly design and construction, without compromising on style or functionality. We’ll help you design and build your dream eco home - a home that is unique to you, capturing your personality, philosophy and passions, while ensuring your build has minimal impact on our precious Earth.

Finalist - Northland Regional Council Environmental Excellence Award
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Rammed Earth Homes

Rammed earth is an ancient building technique that has been dated back thousands of years. To this day, rammed earth homes continue to offer a wide range of benefits. At Modern Earth Homes, we have extensive knowledge, expertise and experience with rammed earth construction. So you can rely on us to build you a home that provides for your future, and the future of our planet.

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Eco Homes

Building an eco home is about so much more than just using eco-friendly materials. Intelligent eco home design plays a huge part in building a sustainable home for your future. Working with our team of experienced eco home designers, we can create your ultimate sustainable home - one that takes into account your unique needs, reflects your personality, and maximises the potential of your building site.

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Stoney Hill

Modern Earth Homes are proud to be an official construction partner for Stoney Hill - a stunning new subdivision on Three Mile Bush Road on the northern edge of Whangārei. As a construction partner, we are well versed in the design guidelines and vision for the subdivision, and have a beautiful showhome on site available for viewing by appointment.

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