Rammed Earth Homes

Rammed earth homes are constructed with an ancient building technique that has been around since at least 7,000BC. Earth is compacted and layered inside a removable frame to create strong, natural looking walls. Modern Earth Homes has extensive experience with rammed earth (or pise) construction, and can design and build you a beautifully unique, sustainable and durable rammed earth house in Northland.

Rammed earth can be seen in homes and structures around the world, most notably in parts of the Great Wall of China. Although most rammed earth buildings are single or two-storied, a five-storey rammed earth hotel was recently completed in Corralben, Australia.

Rammed earth is a sustainable and eco-friendly way to build a home. Rammed earth building uses natural materials, produces very little waste, and creates homes that are energy efficient and built to last. You can read more about the benefits of rammed earth construction here.

At Modern Earth Homes, we have extensive knowledge and experience designing and building rammed earth homes in Whangarei and Northland.

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