Benefits of Earth Homes

Rammed earth construction (or pise construction) has many benefits. Rammed earth homes are healthy, durable, energy efficient, low maintenance and fire proof, without compromising on style or functionality.

Warm, dry and healthy

Many people choose rammed earth construction because it offers a healthy indoor environment. When designed and built properly, rammed earth homes are warm, dry and energy efficient. Rammed earth walls ‘breathe’ so they counteract humidity, and they naturally maintain a stable internal temperature throughout the seasons. Rammed earth is non-toxic, and we encourage the use of non-toxic materials throughout the entire build where possible.

Benefits of Earth Homes - Warm, dry and healthy

Sustainable and eco-friendly

Rammed earth homes are low in embodied energy, meaning only a small amount of energy is needed to manufacture and construct the walls. Waste from the building process is reduced, and any left over earth can be safely spread on site. We recycle or reuse materials from different stages of the build where possible, for example boxing for floor slab can be reused as a bond beam on top of walls. We also source materials locally where possible and suitable, reducing carbon emissions.

Benefits of Earth Homes - Sustainable and eco-friendly

Strong and durable

Rammed earth construction has been around for thousands of years all over the world, proving its durability, weather resistance and suitability for a range of climates. When designed and built properly by experienced and qualified professionals, rammed earth homes meet and frequently exceed the requirements of the New Zealand Building Code. Our rammers have almost 30 years of hands-on experience working with rammed earth, during which they have perfected their product and techniques. This, together with modern technologies backed up with scientific testing and a strong attention to quality control, ensure maximum strength and durability for every project.

Benefits of Earth Homes - Strong and durable

Beautifully unique

Each rammed earth home has a unique look, which can be customised to your taste. A rammed earth home will fit in with the landscape wherever you build, and can be as contemporary or rustic as you like. Rammed earth also looks great with various other building materials, particularly natural timber and stone.

Benefits of Earth Homes - Beautifully unique

Low maintenance

Rammed earth homes are low maintenance, requiring little or no attention for many years once built. There is no need to finish rammed earth walls with plaster, gib or paint, inside or out. In fact the bare walls are a beautiful feature that many people choose to leave exposed. However if you do choose another finish for your walls, they can be treated just like any other masonry walls, by painting or plastering directly onto the rammed earth wall surface.

Benefits of Earth Homes - Low maintenance

Energy efficient

Rammed earth is energy efficient. When designed correctly, the thermal mass in the walls will maintain a stable internal temperature throughout the seasons. This reduces the need for power-based heating and cooling systems.

Benefits of Earth Homes - Energy efficient

Noise, pest and fire proof

The solid nature of rammed earth walls means they offer excellent sound insulation, reducing external noise for a quiet and comfortable indoor environment. This also reduces pest problems, with no cavities or gaps for insects and vermin to enter or hide. And because earth doesn’t burn, rammed earth homes are also very fire resistant, making rammed earth construction an ideal choice for bush and rural areas.

Benefits of Earth Homes - Noise, pest and fire proof

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