About Modern Earth Homes

Modern Earth Homes was established in 2017 by Sam and Sandra McGregor. Sam has extensive experience with rammed earth and sustainable building methods. Over the years, he has come to love creating homes for people that are unique and represent the individuality of his clients, using natural building materials and techniques. Sam developed a passion for the solid, warm, dry nature of rammed earth and chose this method to build a beautiful home for his family.

When Sam and Sandra decided to build their own rammed earth home, they didn’t just want a home that was healthy and comfortable. They wanted to build it with minimal environmental impact, with an emphasis on natural building materials and techniques. It was through the process of building their own rammed earth home that the philosophy of Modern Earth Homes was born…

Our Philosophy

“We noticed how much waste was coming from building sites, and how many toxins were in building products and materials. So when we finally had the opportunity to build our dream home, we endeavoured to cut down on waste, re-using and recycling wherever possible, and we also sought out products that were as toxin-free as possible. We sourced primarily natural building materials, buying locally to cut down on carbon emissions and also to support local businesses.

When we moved into our home in 2016 we decided we wanted everyone to have the opportunity to build this way. Our children are healthier than ever, and everyone who walks into our house comments on one of the many features that take their breath away. Our home has an amazing natural feel about it and it is unique, expressing our personalities and our family philosophy.

We wanted to provide this level of home-love and satisfaction for others, so we established our sustainable building company Modern Earth Homes.”

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