Eco Homes

A true eco home is one that’s sustainable long after the builders have gone. Much of that comes down to thoughtful, practical eco home design, striking a balance between sustainability and suitability for your needs and building site.

At Modern Earth Homes, we have expertise in a range of sustainable building materials and methods. We can match you with a designer who reflects your unique style and philosophy, or work with your existing plans. With careful consideration of your needs, we’ll build sustainability into your home from the ground up, maximising the benefits for you, your family and the planet.

Our green building philosophy

We believe ‘green building’ is about more than just using eco-friendly building materials. We’ll consider design, materials and process to achieve a solution that best suits your needs, site and budget, while ensuring minimal environmental impact now and in years to come.

When designing and building your sustainable home, we strive to:

  • Maximise passive solar benefits to reduce running costs
  • Choose durable materials that offer a long lifespan with minimal maintenance
  • Source materials locally to reduce carbon footprint
  • Use reputable natural, non-toxic materials wherever practical
  • Minimise waste, reuse and recycle materials where possible
  • Encourage smaller, more efficient homes that maximise your budget
  • Future-proof your home by exceeding NZ Building Code requirements

Sustainable house building methods

Our builders have significant experience working with a wide range of eco-friendly building methods to construct eco homes in Northland.

But we believe it’s not the materials or construction methods alone that make a house eco-friendly. Smart design to reduce running costs and increase lifespan means sustainability can be achieved with contemporary materials and building methods too. That’s why we’re happy to consider any building materials to achieve an eco-friendly solution that meets your needs and budget.


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