How are rammed earth houses built?

Rammed earth walls are made using brown rock, clay and a small amount of cement as a stabiliser. The mix is put between wooden shutters and rammed using

pneumatic rammers, and because the mix is dry the shutters can be removed immediately after a wall is rammed. We can ram one earth wall per day.

Rammed earth homes are built by compressing layers of earth inside a rigid framework, which is later removed to reveal the finished walls. 


The earth mixture is carefully controlled, using just the right amount of brown rock, cement, clay and water to form a strong and durable finished product with the look and feel of sedimentary rock. The earth is usually sourced from nearby quarries, reducing the carbon footprint of the build by sourcing materials locally.

Each layer of earth is compressed or ‘tamped’ inside the framework, resulting in an attractive layered look that can be further enhanced by adding natural colourings to different layers. Once the wall is finished, the framework is removed and can often be re-used, so there is minimal waste from the building process.

Rammed Earth Home Designs

Modern Earth Homes can design and build the perfect rammed earth home for you, or work with your designs to build your dream home. 

Rammed earth construction is a highly specialised building method. Your rammed earth home must be designed by a qualified professional who has experience with this type of construction, in order to perform optimally. Our design team have significant experience with rammed earth home design, so you can rely on us to create a thoughtfully designed rammed earth home for you, that reflects your unique needs, personality and philosophy.

Because each rammed earth home design is unique, tailored to you and your site, we don’t have a set of rammed earth home designs for you to choose from. But you can view our gallery for design inspiration, or get in touch for a chat about your ideas.


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